IZAMAL, Magical Town in México

Izamal, the City of The Three Cultures, established as a Magical Town of Mexico in 2001 is a reference to understand the fusion of uses and traditions in Yucatan. A splendid city dressed in whites and yellows that evoke a historical past that till this day is vivid in its streets. Izamal is a historical city because in it we learn the greatness of our heritage by finding magnificent works of the Mayan architecture in its streets as witnesses of the science of this great civilization; historical because in it we also find the mark of evangelization in the lands of the Mayab; the contributions of the Franciscan missionaries to point out Izamal, once a Mayan ceremonial center; today also a place for pilgrims of the Christian faith; Izamal is historical because in it the style of Mexico after its independence is also fused with the pre-Hispanic and viceroyalty style; a single city and three stages of history to tell.

Izamal is a continuity of the Mayan culture, because over time; in its parks, squares, gardens, streets, pre-Columbian buildings, and churches you can breathe the daily life of its people, the uses and traditions of the fusion of cultures but whose values of the Mayan civilization prevail in space and time. Tour Izamal and its art workshops, the Convent with the second-largest closed atrium in the world, dive into ancient legends and stories, walk through the streets and meet the past as alive as the present. Izamal Magical Town of Mexico, City of the Three Cultures, continuity of the Mayan culture in a Historical City, as much ours as yours, get to know it and fall in love with it.

Izamal es una continuidad maya, porque al paso del tiempo; en sus parques, plazuelas, jardines, calles, edificios precolombinos e iglesias se respira la cotidianidad de su gente, los usos y costumbres de una fusión de culturas pero cuyos valores de la civilización maya perduran en el espacio y el tiempo. Recorre Izamal y sus talleres artesanales, el Convento con el segundo atrio cerrado más grande del mundo, adentrarse a leyendas e historias antiguas, caminar por sus calles y encontrarse con un pasado tan vivo como el presente. Izamal Pueblo Mágico de México, Izamal Ciudad de las Tres Culturas, Izamal Continuidad Maya en una Ciudad Histórica, tan nuestra, tan tuya, conócela y enamórate de ella.


Izamal, Magic town, also known as the City of Three Cultures due to the syncretism between the Mayan, Spanish, and contemporary cultures, is located 72 km east of Mérida city, in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula. This town with its priceless architecture and cobbled alleys expresses itself through a vivid culture: its people. The name “Izamal” comes from the word Itzamná or Zamná which means "dew that falls from the sky" and refers to the Mayan god of wisdom, which was considered the teacher and instructor of the ancient population of this land. Izamal was the most important ceremonial center in the entire Mayan region in ancient times and is currently the oldest city in the Yucatan Peninsula. Its first settlements date back to the third century A.D. Since then, the history of Izamal has been linked to a strong religious tradition due to its importance as a ceremonial center since the times of Zamná.

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